As any dog guardian knows – there is no such thing as “just a dog”.  Dogs are our best friends, our trusted confidantes, our hiking buddies, our constant source of support, and our most loyal babies…I GET IT!!


My name is Charly Becoming, and I am dog mama & lover first, dog photographer second.  I am not a photographer who added pet portraiture just as another way to make money; I started as - and will always remain - an Atlanta pet photographer who shoots dog portraits exclusively


My career as a professional dog photographer (and my obsession with dogs) began with my first dog, Forrest (Black Lab).  Within months of buying my first “grown-up” camera, Forrest came in to my life.  He was only 5-weeks old, and little did he know that he would become my model and my muse.  With each “smile for mommy” and “stay, staaay, staaaay”, he practiced patience and never lost his reliable lab smile.  Forrest is the reason I was able to practice and perfect my craft and to start my own dog portrait business. 


My posse has since grown by two more dogs, Lotus and Canyon, who have followed in Forrest’s footsteps.  They have all provided me with glimpses of their of innocence, trust, hopeful spirits, and joyous zest for life. 


I am so lucky to have paused and preserved a moment in time during their development, their adventures, their quiet times, their lives.  This is the reason why I became a dog photographer and what I strive to do for you.


10% of ALL revenue is donated to the ASPCA or to a non-profit Animal Rescue/Shelter of your choice.


Additionally, if your pet is rescued, my gift to you is a printed 8x10.  Proof required.


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